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Welcome to Perseverance(nb)

This website is about the construction of Perseverance. Named after the dredger that cleared the Basingstoke Canal, Perseverance is a serial hybrid narrowboat designed for long term cruising with accommodation for two plus up to four guests. She was built to my specification by electric boat specialists Ortomarine.

A series of blog posts, and the occasional vlog, explain the design decisions that were made, and how they worked out in practice. For those interested in building a narrowboat, it may help you think through the steps, and avoid some pitfalls. Read on to find out why generators are often smaller than they claim to be, or why eco-toilets really aren't...


I have divided the blogs into these categories to help you search:

  • Canals and Us is about our experiences on canals

  • Designing Perseverance is about the "high level" design decisions such as how many berths

  • Toilets are a special interest on boats, so deserve special mention!

  • Engineering Perseverance goes into the engineering design in more detail

  • The Dredger Perseverance contains some historical information about the dredger



14 Brookmeadow
PO15 5JH

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