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On 13th May, Perseverance came out of the shed...

...went down the road to Droitwich Spa Marina...

...and was craned into the water...

...where Roma and I performed the traditional naming ceremony...

...with a bottle of "Proper Job". We then "cruised" her 200 yards to her mooring.

Now, you may well ask "How did thing go? What was the performance? Did the battery temperature cause concern, and did the sheets fit the novel bedroom?" and a thousand more questions beside. Well, I am sorry, but you'll just have to wait.

Shortly after launching, Roma and I went on a narrowboat holiday with old friends. On a hire boat, using a booking they had made in 2020 but which was held over for a year due to Covid. So Perseverance hasn't moved since!

Plans are to join the Ortomarine narrowboat trial on 29th May, and straight afterwards to receive our first guests for a cruise up Tardebigge to Birmingham. As soon as we've done a few miles and I have a moment to myself, I promise to tell all (well, almost all).

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