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Generator Testing

When I decided to use a constant speed diesel generator on my narrowboat, I knew I wanted to try building in a tuned silencer to minimize the exhaust noise. For this reason I had the generator delivered to my house so that I could run some tests.

Then came lockdown, and an excuse to play with a big boys toy. This vlog takes you around the test set and shows some of the results.

The outcome of these tests is that the generator will now have:

  • a tuned exhaust designed, and tested, specifically for this generator

  • a modified cooling system to extract more heat from the generator into the cratch

  • a modified wiring loom to reduce the risk of an inaccessible wiring fault

  • revised control system software to match the Ortomarine control system

Furthermore, we have confidence about the power generation levels, and fuel flow data to support the efficiency blog posts.

OK, we could have just fitted the generator into the boat and sailed away, but if nothing else, 2020 is surely a year to do crazy things !

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