Welcome to Perseverance(nb)

This website is about the construction of Perseverance. Named after the dredger that cleared the Basingstoke Canal, Perseverance is a serial hybrid narrowboat designed for long term cruising with accommodation for two plus four guests, currently in build at Ortomarine.

In a series of blog posts, and the occasional vlog, we will explain the design decisions that had to be made, and why we reached the conclusions that we did. For those interested in building a narrowboat, it may help you think through the steps, and avoid some pitfalls.

Read on to find out why generators are often smaller than they claim to be, or why eco-toilets really aren't...


I have divided the blogs into these categories to help you search:

  • Canals and Us is about our experiences on canals

  • Designing Perseverance is about the "high level" design decisions such as how many berths

  • Toilets are a special interest on boats, so deserve special mention!

  • Engineering Perseverance goes into the engineering design in more detail

  • The Dredger Perseverance contains some historical information about the dredger


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